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Our Story

Seletar Hill Restaurant​

Singapore's Best Oriental Taste Since 1990.

Seletar Hill Restaurant is located in Seletar Hills Estate, but the Chinese name "yu-xiang-ting lau mei wei' literally translates to "fish fragrant pavilion of old good taste', is inspired by one of the 7 most significant styles of Szechuan cooking, namely 'yu-xiang' (鱼香).

In the 80s, my wife, Jamie Pang and I, Chef Ng Kok Hua went to work in an upmarket Chinese restaurant in New York, USA, to help support Jamie's family of 10, after her Hainanese Chef father, the sole bread-winner, passed away suddenly.

We returned with well guarded recipes from the old times by our mentor, Szechuan Cuisine Master, Chef Chou, who served in Government Banquets in China and Taiwan before migrating to America. The mentor's wisdom on food and life had turned our journey into a blessing in disguise. He infused the elaborate old world oriental banquet cooking with the local influence to suit the modern western taste buds.

Seletar Hill Restaurant opened its doors in 1990. All items are personally prepared in-house, from fresh and natural ingredients daily, like skinning and deboning chickens, fermenting sauces and skinning mangoes and durians to make desserts and preparation of our signature dish - Camphor Tea Smoked Duck.

Media Mentions

"To New York she went with her smattering English & inexperienced cook-husband. Now her language skills are seasoned and her partner waxed lyrical about Smoked Duck. Discover the truth in the saying : ‘a 100 different flavor in a100 different dishes’ here. Very good food."

★★★★★ Rating by Margaret Chan

American Dreams on Seletar Hill

The Sunday Times 29/9/1991


Camphor Tea Smoked Duck

Tung-po Pork

Szechuan Chili Fish

Dry-sauteed Stringbeans

Claypot Sea Cucumber

Top Signature Dish Award

Eat Me 2006 & 2008

"This Restaurant has been around for years, serving high quality and refine Szechuan and Hunan cuisine using fresh ingredients. Die, die must try!" 

Let's Makan! The Food & Sight of Ang Mo Kio

Cheng San CDC District 2002     

About Our Cooking

The Taste of China is in Szechuan

"Taste" is the main characteristic of the Szechuan cuisine. From the basic taste of sour, sweet, numbing, hot, bitter, fragrant, salty, combined with the 18 methods of Chinese cooking, emerged the 7 most popular styles of the many ways of Szechuan cooking, namely Dry-fried, Hot & Sour, Numbing & Spicy, 'Fish Fragrant', Dry-sauteed, Strange Flavour & Red Oil.


Szechuan cuisine is internationally famous for the saying:


One dish one character, a hundred dishes, a hundred flavours.


It is popular to associate dishes to the person who created them...


  • Tung-po Pork

  • General Tso's Chicken

  • Gong-bao Chicken

  • Ma-po Bean Curd


...just to name a few.               

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